Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Kohls clothes!

Stardoll has released a new collection by Kohls. I loved it the first time round, the clothes were cheap and stylish. This collection is adorable too, I've already bought lots from it. The best thing about this collection though, is that it's for non-superstars too. I can't find fault with it, the clothes are beautiful and they're cheap.

What do you think of the new collection? Do you prefer Mudd, Candies or Abbey Dawn?

Friday, 24 July 2009


The monthly sale has come to stardoll, the ELLE collection is part of this and it is now good value. Aswell as the usual sale of normal clothes, which does include some great bargains, this is good for poeple on a budget. I just wish stardoll would make the sale non-superstar aswell, like it used to be.

New Elle

The new Elle collection has been released. To me it doesn't really seem like a collection, becasue the clothes don't really go together, but I like all of the clothes individually. It's quite expensive, but when the sale comes in a couple of months, I'll probably buy lots. I personally love the fringed shoes, multi-coloured studded skirt and the tribal purse. All the dresses look good, so another grear collection from ELLE.

August Hotbuys!

The August hotbuys have arrived and to be honest, They're not that nice. I like the purse and the shorts, but that's it. The skirt looks like a re-release of another old hotbuy, the green top looks really ugly and as do the matching socks. The Jacket isok, not what you would expect from hotbuys but it's fine. The shoes are quite cute, I like the little pattern of hearts around the edge, but they're a bit pointy. The sunglasses are a bit much , I don't know how you would make them work in an outfit. The pink top would be better if the lace wasn't there. The earrings are a bit big, but they're not the worst earrings ever. Finally, the shorts and bag are really cute, I love them.
Altogether, this collection isn't very good, but there are some cute pieces in there, I just hope they are cheap.