Sunday, 28 February 2010

Egypt Stuff

Stardoll has released some items from another Country. This time it is for Egypt, there is an outfit, a small sphinx and an 'I love Egypt' badge. Everything is for non-ss, except for the top.

What do you think of these items? Did you buy any?

Two new party rooms!!!

Sorry I'm a little late on this...

But there are two new party rooms.
One goes with the on going "skin of steel" theme...sorta futuristic and spacey.

And the other based on the up coming Oscars.

The space one is pretty cool.
But the Oscars one is amazing!! Its one of me faves so far. I cant wait to see some high style parties going on. :]

Tell me what you think about the new rooms??
Do you have a favorite room??


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Re-released rare's..and glitches. never ends.
Is anyone else as sick of archive as i am?? Its just not fair.

[[ Click to enlarge all pics]]

Today the rare inspired by Gucci jacket was re-released in archive.
For only $5..and it's NON-SS!!!
Hurry because they might change it to superstar.
Like the inspired by Giles dress released in Tingeling two days ago....changed to SS yesterday.

Also a few days ago....

The Bjork swan dress what re-released in Voile for $7.

Remember that inspired by Givenchy set that come out a while ago??

Well it says voile on the tag..but it's not in the voile shop. You can only find it on the search.
Notice anything else??
Yup..why is the n in "inspired" capital?? lol


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kuwait Clothes in Starplaza

Today is Kuwait Day, so stardoll has released some things in the Starplaza to celebrate it. There are less things than for the Estonian Independence Day a few days ago, but there are still some nice things. There is an outfit, a flag, a badge thing and two building things for your suite. Everything is for non-ss, except for the top. I really like the henna tattoos for your medoll's hands, and for only 2sd, they're good value too.

Do you celebrate this day? Did you buy any of the things?

Hedi Klum and Jordache on Sale

Both the Heidi Klum shop and all the clothes in Jordache are on sale, for half price or less. I realy like the things from these shops, especially the t-shirts from Jordache, and for 3sd, they're really good value so I'll be buying some. There are also cute things in the Heidi Klum shop, where there are lots of nice pairs of jeans in all different colours and styles. However my favourite piece is the Motorcycle Jacket from Heidi Klum.

Do you like the sale? Did you buy anything?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another LE offer for ex-ss

Remember the Inspiered by items in the spoilers a few days ago??
Well if you don't click HERE.

And if you thought the LE offers for ex-ss were over think again!!

[ Click to enlarge. ]
[[ Thanks to for the spoiler image. ]]

Well apparently those inspired by items we saw in the spoilers are going to be ex-ss LE offers.
Like the gorgeous McQueen top above.

Its really not fair that current superstars cant buy these items in the LE shop.
The past LE items have been sellable. So if you have an ex-ss account lying around, when you get this offer you cant make it ss and sell it to your main account.

Still this is not right on stardoll's behalf =@

What are your opinions??


Happy Estonian Independence Day

Today is Estonian Independence Day, so Stardoll has released some clothes and other stuff to celebrate. There is an outfit, a flag and badge, a curtain thing, a castle thing for your suite and a tile with the Estonian Coat of Arms. The things are cheap and mostly non-ss.

What do you think of the Estonian things? Would you like to see Stardoll celebrating days from your country?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

March Hotbuys

The new Hotbuys for March have been released, and they still have the 50's theme running through them, but they're a bit more punky in my opinion.

Firstly, I really love the turquoise bird necklace, it looks gorgeous and I love the colour. The Kimono dress thing also has lovely colours in it, and the pattern looks really cute. I don't really like the spiky headband thing, I think it'd make my medoll look a bit punky, and that's not really how I usually make my medolls. There's also a top from Abbey Dawn in Kohls which has already been released. The furry jacket thing isn't really my style but I think it could look really gorgeous and expensive in the right outfit.

The ruffled spotted top has the 50s era about it too, it looks adorable. I like the pink sequinned dress, it looks really sparkly in a good way and the colour is lovely. The boots again are a bit punky, but weirdly, I do like the buckles on them. The leggings are nice, but I don't really use patterned leggings in outfits, only plain ones. The chains are again quite punk and I don't really like them. Finally there's a dark pink blouse, which I love the colour of, but I don't like the style.

Do you like these Hotbuys? Will you be buying any?

New ANTM Dress

The free item from AMTM, for people from the UK, has been released this week, and it's back to normal now, being released on a Tuesday. I absolutely adore this dress, when I saw it in the spoilers I thought it was from a new LE collection, and I can't believe it was free. I love the colour, and the only criticism I have with it is that it makes the hips of my medoll look a bit strange, but I'm still wearing it because it's gorgeous.

If you don't understand go to THIS post.

What do you think of this dress? Which is your favourite ANTM item so far?


Happy birthday to our very own Imogen!
I'm so sorry you didn't make CG deserved it.
Still hope you had a amazing day hon. :D

[[ Click to enlarge. ]]

Excuse my bad graphic skills lol

Edit * I posted this on Monday..but blogger sent it back to draft from =s *


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Please Can you Vote Me Covergirl?

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I would appreciate it so much if you voted me Covergirl.
Please just click the happy star (:

Click HERE

Thank you so much.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A-L Awards Tonight!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Are you excited?
I sure am!
If you don't remember what time it is or what to wear, or want to do a last minute vote, visit Steforoni's blog,
Remember to check it out!
See you there!
With love,


Some new Inspired by's are coming!!
Here are the items in the spoilers :]

[click to enlgarge]
[ all pics thanks to ]

With the exception of the top an skirt on the left...that's already in starpalaza.
These items are inspired by Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf, and Lanvin.

I love the McQueen top!!
The Lanvin dress is stunning as well, I'm not so sure about the Viktor & Rolf dress I'll have to wait and see it in starplaza.

What do you think about the items??


Friday, 19 February 2010

New Collection of OTTO

The new collection from OTTO has been released, and I really like some of the items. The shop is only available to Germans, so use the link if you're not from Germany. I love the white top with the feathers around the neck, and the grey and yellow bustier top is quite nice. There are some cute things in this collection, but I don't like all of it.

Click HERE to get the items in your dressing room

Do you like the new collection? Did you buy anything?

Bianchi Bike

In both the Starplaza, and the Suite Shop, there are three new bikes from a brand called 'Bianchi'. I had never heard of this bike maker before, but I had a look for them, and found the Real Life bike for all of the bikes on Stardoll. I only posted one, because it took up too much room, but I always like to see the real life items that they're based on.

There is a pink bike, which is the only one in the Starplaza, it also is the only one with a basket, and is a different shape to the two other ones. The other ones are turquoise, and white, which are both in the same style. All the bikes are 10sd, and for superstars only.

The bikes remind me of the DKNY bike, which was a prize for a competition, I think when DKNY was first released, but it was later made available in the Suite Shop, and I bought it. It is quite rare now, but maybe these bikes will also become rare and sought-after.

What do you think of these bikes? Would you like to see more real life items in the Suite Shop?

Free Harajuku Lovers Items

If you're from the UK, you can get some free things from a new Harjuku Lovers club. For those of you who don't know, Harajuku Lovers is a fragrance owned by Gwen Stefani.

By joining the new 'Harajuku' Club, you can get a cute parasol and treaure map. Then if you go to the Harajuku Lovers website you can get the bikini and headband.

If you're from the UK click HERE to go to the club, then click join to get the parasol and map. Then go to THIS link, and wait until the website has fully loaded to get the bikini and headband.

If you are from elsewhere, you can use a UK proxy if you really want to get the parasol, or just log into Stardoll and go to THIS link, again waiting until the website has fully loaded, to get the bikini and headband.

Hopefully you understood that, if you're confused, just ask me in the comments section.

Do you like these things? Do you like Harjuku Lovers frangrances?

Stylein Clothes released

There's some new clothes in the 'New releases' section of the Starplaza. They're by a brand called Stylein, and although there are only two outfits, they look really cute. On the banners by the side of my screen, it says the clothes are only available until Monday the 22nd, which is also my birthday.

I like the long grey cardigan best, although all of them are nice. Everything except for the two pairs of shoes, and the gloves are for ss only, but the shoes and gloves are only 5sd each, which is good value for now. I hope that Stardoll will release more clothes by this brand, as I would definitely buy them.

What do you think of the Stylein clothes? Did you buy any?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New ANTM jumpsuit

The free item from AMTM, for people from the UK, has finally been released this week, later than expected as it's meant to be released every Tuesday, and it's now Thursday, but at least it's come. I quite like the jumpsuit, as I do like harem-type things, but I'm not really sure about the baggy sleeves, I don't really like them. But I'm not going to complain, because it's free, and it's all good for that.

If you don't understand go to THIS post.

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Which is your favourite ANTM item so far?

Stuff By Hilary Duff on Sale

The Clothes in the Stuff by Hilary Duff shop is on sale, this shop has been in the Starplaza for ages, so I think it's about time Stardoll got rid of it. I like some of the things, and I'd already bought some of them.

But now the clothes are really cheap; all are 3sd or less which, for Stardoll nowadays, is very cheap for a dress or other items. So I'm probably going to get some more of the clothes, especially the 'Key Print Striped Tank' which is only 2sd.

What do you think of Stuff By HD? Did you buy any?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Skin of Steel Styled Outfits

The new Styled Outfits have been released, they're called 'Skin of Steel' and to me seem like weirdly shaped, futuristic clothes. I personally don't like many of the clothes, because of the things I mentioned previously, however, the Louboutin shoes in the bottom left corner are cute, and I like the snakeskin pattern.

Do you like these styled Outfits? Will you be buying any of these clothes?

Third LE offer out

The third LE dress in this series of offers has been released, this time it's another dress, called a 'Laced Grommet Dress'. I'm not really fond of this dress either, I don't really like the straps and the way it's held up on the medoll. Also, the pattern of it reminds me of the Pearly Kings and Queens of London (Google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about), so I don't really like it for that reason either. Hopefully, when the next collection of LE comes out, it will be nicer that the clothes released so far in this series of exclusive LE offers.

Do you like this dress? How many more LE offers do you think will come out?

Picture credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted

New design pattern!!!

There's a new pattern in the design studio.......

I don't know why, but I'm liking this dress.
Its very spring, and I'm pretty sure some designers could make this dress very cute.

The only thing is that the flower print on the top is permanent which is not really a bad thing.
But you cant color the top, its always the same color. And that limits your choices.

Also they've added new spring colors.

What do you think of the new pattern, and colors??


Princess and the frog design studio/contest

There's a new Princess and the frog design studio, with patterns based on the movie. I like the gloves. I think the dress is okay, but a little puffy. And the tiara is a kinda plastic looking. I also wish stardoll had given use more color choices. [ not shown above ]

[ Click to enlarge. ]

There's also I contest where you could win 25-250 stardollars. The winner of the 250 stardollars will also have her design worn by princess Tania in the blank space at the top of the page.

And when you watch the video at the top of the page you'll receive a blue tiara in your suite :]

To get to the design page click HERE.

What do you think of the new design studio??

Will you be entering the contest??


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Banner Wars!

I've made two banners, and can't choose between these two, so please, post a comment telling me which out of the two banners below should be picked.
Thank-you everybody!
With love,

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Endangered Species: Axolotl Salamander

Finally, the new Endangered Species animal is out for February. It's called a Axolotl Salamander, and is a fish, type thing, I think. I had a look at some proper pictures of it, and I think it's really cute, it looks like it's smiling at you. You can get one for free by going to THIS link and clicking 'adopt me'.

What do you think of the Axolotl? Do you like the Endangered Species campaign?

Stardoll Clubs Messed Up?

Earlier the Stardoll clubs were having technical difficulties, so when you try to click on a topic, it brought you to, "No posts available."
If that isn't weird enough, there was a cloud of confusion of people blaming Robin, Original Club's owner for the problems.
Most people believed this because the topics were posted in Robin's language, Swedish.
Some Stardollian club-goers even left Stardoll for this mess.
We eventually found a way to still view topics by going to the club homepage, but only got to see five topics.
When this problem was fixed, most clubs celebrated with a virtual "Whoo Hoo!"
Even though it is fixed, we still wonder why it was like this, and why it was for that long period of time.
With love,

Another LE offer

There's another LE offer today, this time it's a pink leopard print bag, for 50sd. I actually quite like this bag, but yet again, I didn't get the message, so I couldn't buy it anyway.

Also, on the info about it, it says that there will be a 'very limited run of luxuary LE items'. Ignoring the spelling mistake by Stardoll, this implies that there will be more of these, probably over the next week or so.

Do you like this bag? What do you think about these new LE offers?

Credit to bestofstardollfashion for the pic

New Kohl's in shops

The new Kohl's collection has been released into the shops, so like I said before, I'll do a proper review of each of the shops.

Abbey Dawn is generally my least favourite out of the three shops, because of the darkness of the clothes, but there are some adorable items in this collection. My favourite item is the 'stripped shorts with suspenders', especially because of the cute pink bow on them. But to me they would seem better suited to Candies, but that's just my opinion. I also like the 'Vest with Bow Brooch' and 'Rib Tank Tool Skirt Dress'. This collection has some nice pieces, but I only like some of them.

I like the way there are lots of the same pattern in different colours in Mudd, but it's a shame you can't buy the cute ankle-boots anymore. My favourite thing is probably the 'Suspender Capris', this collection isn't really very good this time. I liked the last collection a lot more. I'm not really sure of the 'Jersey Cross Body Handbag', it seems a bit too big, and makes it the main focal point of the outfit, so I don't really like it because of that, but the patterns are quite cool, especially the black and white stripy one.

I have to say that I love the material of the 'Floral Dress', it's very pretty but I think it's sort of Autumnal. I also like the material of the 'Asymmetrical Chiffon Top', but I'm not really a fan of the shape of it. The 'Sequin Canvas Tote' is also a nice piece to have. I don't really like Candies a lot, because it seems to have a lot of shirt-type tops, and it seems a bit too mature, in my opinion, but I do like the three items I mentioned before.

One more thing I noticed was that it seems quite a few items are for superstars. One of the reasons I liked the Kohls clothing was that it was cheap and available to everyone, it seems that Stardoll have taken this away, and just like everything else on Stardoll, it is mostly for superstars only.

What do you think of the new collection? Which is your favourite shop?

Monday, 15 February 2010

New LE dress for some people

Some people may have got this email allowing them to buy an LE dress without it being in the Starplaza. Apparently, only non-ss who bought LE last time got the email. So this is yet another thing Stardoll is trying to do to get everyone ss.

Personally, I don't really like the dress, especially the skirt part, it makes the doll look like she has huge hips, and I don't really like the pattern, so even if I had got the email, I wouldn't have bought it, because I think you have to really like something to pay 175sd for it.

Do you like the dress? Did you get the email or buy it?

Picture credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted

New Writer; Bobby*Jack*Diva

Hello guys!
I am a new writer, and and I look forward to telling you the news.
I am still making a banner, and when it's finished, i'll post it here.
Until then, I hope you guys look forward to me writing, and can't wait to hear your responses!

With love,
Aysia (Bobby*Jack*Diva)

New Kohl's out

You can see all of the new collection of Kohls in the Starplaza, it's only in the 'new releases' section at the moment, but it should be in the stores soon. It also came out earlier this morning, but it was only there for a bit before it was taken away again, like when Miss Sixty first came out.

I'll do a full review when it comes out in full in the Kohls store, but for now it all looks cute, I love the Kohls stuff, it's cheap and cute.

Do you like the new Kohls collection? Do you like the clothes Kohls has released on Stardoll?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

***This has nothing to do with Stardoll technically.
But I know that there are a lot of fashion followers in the Stardoll world
that this may have touched, as it did me.
Also that there is a story on Miser McQueen in the Stardoll Magazine.***

Omqq im in shock....
The fashion world has lost one of the greatest.
Alexander McQueen died at his home in London, at the age of 40 on Thursday.
He was one of my all time favorite designers, and fashion icons.
Now there are only four on my top 5 designer icons list.
I hope that his label will live on.

Im sure many Stardoll users have been inspired by him in their outfits, as have I.
He was an amazing clothing designer, and a fashion
His style was indescribably different.
No one will ever come close in uniqueness, and his sort of style.
His talent was something nobody had seen, or done before.

As dancingvitoria said: "He was the MJ of fashion..."

For more info on his life, and death...
Click HERE

Or HERE for the article in the Stardoll magazine.


Alexander McQueen



Indescribably Unique...

Fabulously Different...

Daringly Bold...

And a style God...



New design studio!!

Stardolls upgraded the design studio again!!
I'm not sure if this is just for valentines day.
But I hope they'll keep it :]

[[ Click to enlarge ]]
I like it better than the last time they changed it.
The changed the trash can, and the doll on the start sketch pad. Its so much cuter!!

They also changed the " add a print " tab. Is it just me or were the prints $5 sds before not $2??

What do you think about the new studio??
Which do you prefer??


Thursday, 11 February 2010

New Amy Claire shop released

It's only on Stardoll from the 11th February to the 25th of February, so you've only got 2 weeks to buy what you want from the shop. I like the clothes, but I would like them more if there was more colours, rather than just the cream, red and beige.

However, the clothes are all adorable, I want all of them, especially the 'Essential Party Dress' and the 'Strapless Dress'. I also think the clothes are quite reasonably priced for a Real Brand.

Do you like the new shop? Which are you favourite items?