Friday, 19 February 2010

Bianchi Bike

In both the Starplaza, and the Suite Shop, there are three new bikes from a brand called 'Bianchi'. I had never heard of this bike maker before, but I had a look for them, and found the Real Life bike for all of the bikes on Stardoll. I only posted one, because it took up too much room, but I always like to see the real life items that they're based on.

There is a pink bike, which is the only one in the Starplaza, it also is the only one with a basket, and is a different shape to the two other ones. The other ones are turquoise, and white, which are both in the same style. All the bikes are 10sd, and for superstars only.

The bikes remind me of the DKNY bike, which was a prize for a competition, I think when DKNY was first released, but it was later made available in the Suite Shop, and I bought it. It is quite rare now, but maybe these bikes will also become rare and sought-after.

What do you think of these bikes? Would you like to see more real life items in the Suite Shop?

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