Sunday, 14 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

***This has nothing to do with Stardoll technically.
But I know that there are a lot of fashion followers in the Stardoll world
that this may have touched, as it did me.
Also that there is a story on Miser McQueen in the Stardoll Magazine.***

Omqq im in shock....
The fashion world has lost one of the greatest.
Alexander McQueen died at his home in London, at the age of 40 on Thursday.
He was one of my all time favorite designers, and fashion icons.
Now there are only four on my top 5 designer icons list.
I hope that his label will live on.

Im sure many Stardoll users have been inspired by him in their outfits, as have I.
He was an amazing clothing designer, and a fashion
His style was indescribably different.
No one will ever come close in uniqueness, and his sort of style.
His talent was something nobody had seen, or done before.

As dancingvitoria said: "He was the MJ of fashion..."

For more info on his life, and death...
Click HERE

Or HERE for the article in the Stardoll magazine.


Alexander McQueen



Indescribably Unique...

Fabulously Different...

Daringly Bold...

And a style God...



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