Saturday, 27 February 2010

Re-released rare's..and glitches. never ends.
Is anyone else as sick of archive as i am?? Its just not fair.

[[ Click to enlarge all pics]]

Today the rare inspired by Gucci jacket was re-released in archive.
For only $5..and it's NON-SS!!!
Hurry because they might change it to superstar.
Like the inspired by Giles dress released in Tingeling two days ago....changed to SS yesterday.

Also a few days ago....

The Bjork swan dress what re-released in Voile for $7.

Remember that inspired by Givenchy set that come out a while ago??

Well it says voile on the tag..but it's not in the voile shop. You can only find it on the search.
Notice anything else??
Yup..why is the n in "inspired" capital?? lol


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