Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another LE offer for ex-ss

Remember the Inspiered by items in the spoilers a few days ago??
Well if you don't click HERE.

And if you thought the LE offers for ex-ss were over think again!!

[ Click to enlarge. ]
[[ Thanks to for the spoiler image. ]]

Well apparently those inspired by items we saw in the spoilers are going to be ex-ss LE offers.
Like the gorgeous McQueen top above.

Its really not fair that current superstars cant buy these items in the LE shop.
The past LE items have been sellable. So if you have an ex-ss account lying around, when you get this offer you cant make it ss and sell it to your main account.

Still this is not right on stardoll's behalf =@

What are your opinions??



  1. YAA! Lovee Youu Rachel. teehee! <3

  2. lol
    YAA stands for something else as well :p

    Love you too <3