Sunday, 20 June 2010

This blog is over

In case you haven't noticed.
I can't be bothered doing this everyday, and I'm not coming on Stardoll as much.
If you really want to know what's going on, you're better off reading Stardoll's Most Wanted.
Click HERE for the link.

Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm back.

jsyk, i'm back, and i'll be active!


Monday, 3 May 2010

Vivienne Tam On Sale

The current Vivienne Tam collection is all for sale, I think it's about time, as it has been in the Starplaza since June, 11 months ago. I wasn't really a fan of this collection; I preferred the first one, but as this is the last chance you have of getting Vivienne Tam, and it's relatively cheap, it may be good to buy a few of the items.

What with Vivienne Tam going and DKNY and Jordache etc. already gone, I think Stardoll's trying to get rid of all of the famous brands.

Did you buy anything? What do you think of the Real Brands going?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

New Butterfly design in Stardesign Interior

There's a new butterfly design in the Stardesign Interior feature. When you look at the pattern it looks really plain, so I took a picture of the finished item to show you what it looks like properly. I personally wouldn't get it beacuse I prefer to spend my stardollars on clothes, but if you like making your suite look nice, for 5sd it may be useful.

Do you like this pattern? Do you often make things in the Stardesign Interior?

Polish Items

Stardoll have released some Polish clothes in the Starplaza. I don't really know what they're for, the only thing I can find which happened to Poland today is becoming an EU member 6 years ago.

There is an outift as usual, the skirt is quite pretty, but I don't really like the black top. Also, it looks quite a harsh colour next to the pale skirt, I would have made it cream or another colour. There's also an 'I love Poland' badge, and 'Poland Building'.

Do you like these items? Do you know a reason why Stardoll released these items?

DKNY Shop gone

The DKNY shop has now gone from the Starplaza. I had a feeling this might happen after the sale ended, because other real brand shops have been going from the Starplaza too, such as the 'Stuff By Hilary Duff' and 'Jordache'. Also, I think Stardoll may have had to pay DKNY for the use of their designs, and they probably want to save money.

Did you like DKNY? Which was your favourite collection?

Friday, 30 April 2010

Queens Day things

As it's 'Queen's Day' in Holland, Stardoll have released some suitable clothes to celebrate it. There is a vase of orange tulips, which were also available to buy last year, and also a balloon crown, which I think you could get for free last year, is now4sd. There's also an 'I love Holland' badge, another orange crown and a Viktor & Rolf dress.

What do you think of these items? Do you celebrate Queen's Day?

New way of buying furniture in Starplaza?

When I was looking at the Antidote furniture, I noticed that when I clicked on a furniture item, a small box came up, rather that being able to move it into the dressing room. This is just for furniture, and if you try moving other furniture items, not just Antidote, the same thing happens.

I guess that if you want to be able to see what the items look like, you'll have to find them in the Minishop rather than the Starplaza.

Do you like this new way of buying things? Do you often buy furniture in the Starplaza?

Free Harumika Body

If you're from the UK, you can get a free 'Harumika' body by watching a trailer in the Cinema. This item has already been available for free if you live in the USA, so you might not get it again if you already have it.

There's also a contest which you can enter to win some Harumika stuff, click HERE to go to it.

If you're from the UK click HERE and watch it all the way through. If you're from elsewhere you'll need to use a proxy to get it.

Did you get the body? What do you think of it?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Antidote Collection Out

The new collection of antidote has been released, and the theme is a sort of Japanese / Kawaii style. I like antidote because it's cheaper than LE, and there's also furniture which is often nice to buy too.

There are several items I like in the new collection. The 'Pom Pom Headband', 15sd, in the second picture is adorable, but still quite simple, so it could be used in lots of outfits. I also like the 'Pastel Floral Skinny Jeans', 75sd, in the second picture, but they're quite expensive, so I might not buy them, especially as a good designer could possibly make them in the Stardesign.

The 'Tiby Frock', 95sd, in the third picture is a really nice colour, and the shape is very pretty. Finally, the 'White Box Wardrobe', 15sd, in the third picture is really good value for if you want to make your suite look professional, and hang up your clothes nicely.

Do you like the new Antidote collection? Have you bought anything?

Saturday, 24 April 2010

New DOT coming soon

There will be some new DOT make-up coming out soon, I thought maybe after that poll which Stardoll posted a few days ago there would be, but not from DOT. However there are lots of cute colours in this, including a black eyeshadow, which a lot of people want. I also like the apricot coloured blush or eyeshadow, and the white lipstick.

What do you think of this new collection? Will you be buying any?

Picture from The Stardoll Insiders

DKNY on sale

DKNY is on sale in the Starplaza at the moment. All the items of clothing are half-price or much less, so it's worth buying a few items. I always like to wait to buy things on sale when they are from a real brand, because it's so much cheaper.

The best bargains are the 'Slim Charcoal Jumpsuit' is down from 26sd to 7sd, which is 73% off, and the 'Striped Button-Up Cardigan' was 22sd, and is now 5sd, which is 77% off. There are also lots of other cheap items, including the two headbands, which are 2sd each and many of the scarves, bags and shoes are 4sd or less.

I also hope that this means there will be a new collection of DKNY coming to the Starplaza, because there are some really nice pieces in the real-life collections. It's also probably time for a change as this collection has been in the Starplaza since November.

Did you buy any cheap DKNY? Would you like to see some more DKNY coming to the starplaza?

Friday, 23 April 2010

Free Harajuku Lovers Outfit

You can get the new outfit from Harajuku Lovers. This is the fourth outfit out of five from Harajuku Lovers, and I really like it. I think the cute stripy bikini is adorable, and the headphones with mp3 player is nice too.

To get the bikini you can simply go to the Harjuku Lovers website by clicking HERE. You don't have to be from the UK, which is really good.

Did you get the Music bikini? Do you like these outfits?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Turkish Children's Day Things

There are some new clothes and other items in the Starplaza to celebrate Children's Day, which is on the 23rd April. There's an outfit, and all the clothes are non-ss, apart from the sunglasses. Also, there's an 'I love Turkey' badge, and a model of 'Mount Ararat' to buy aswell.

Do you like the Turkish things? Do you celebrate Children's Day?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Make-Up?

If you look at the poll on the frontpage today, you will get the choice of 3 brands which you would like to see on Stardoll. I really hope that this means there will be a new make-up brand, as I find the DOT brand a little bit boring. I would actually like the brand Barry M to come to Stardoll, as there are lots of products in every shade, but anything would be nice.

Which one did you vote for? Would you prefer another brand to come to Stardoll?

New items in the Stardesign interior

There's three new design patterns in the Stardesign Interior; two frames and a television set. I personally don't really design much stuff in the Interior Design, or in the normal Stardesign, but for people who like to make their suites look really nice, this is a very good idea. I like the idea of the TV set, because I know that some users will make some amazing likenesses of TV shows.

What do you think of these new patterns? Will you be making any?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Greener Pastures Styled Outfits

The new styled outfits have been released. They're called 'Greener Pastures', and are very girly and summery. I love the dusty pink dress from Pretty In Pink, the colour is very nice, and I really like the ruffled skirt. The skirt from Bisou which has been put together with the top from Folk is really pretty, I adore the turquoise colours. The dark pink dress from Pretty In Pink is also rather nice, it reminds me of the Vivienne Tam collection from some time ago.

I also want to make a note about the models Stardoll uses. Every month, both the Styled Outfits and Hot Buys have often models which have facial features and hairstyles which aren't available to users. I personally love some of the hairstyles, and I'd really like it if Stardoll let us use them.

Do you like the styled outfits? Will you be buying any?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Recycle Things

Stardoll has introduced a new feature, where you can recycle things. At the moment this feature is only available to superstars. You can recycle as many items as you want, but you get 1sd for the first item you recycle every day. There are some rules though, and you can't recycle anything that you got for free.

I don't really know the use of this, as superstars would normally sell anything they don't like. I think the only useful part of this is possibly selling items which you bought for 1sd that are still in the shops. Apart from that, I won't be using this new feature.

Do you like this scheme? Will you be using it?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Endangered Species: Okapi

You can get the new endangered species animal for this month. It's called and Okapi and apparently it is the only living relative of the giraffe. It looks a bit strange to me, but as it's free you may aswell get it. You can get one for free by going to THIS link and clicking 'adopt me'.

What do you think of the Okapi? Do you like the Endangered Species campaign?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Free t-shirt

If you're from the UK, you can get a free 'Pop Princesses 2010' t-shirt. This top is only for the first 10,000 entries, so if you want it be quick to enter the competition. When it asks you to enter your details, just type anything, unless you really want to enter.

To go to the competition click HERE.

If you're not from the UK, you'll need to use a proxy.

Did you get the top? What do you think of the 'Pop Princesses' CDs?

Picture Credit to Underneath Stardoll.

Free Dear John Bag

If you're from the UK, you can get a free bag from watching the 'Dear John' trailer in the cinema. The bag is really cute, it's got pink flowers all over it and apparently it looks like one in the film. I haven't seen the film, so I don't know if this is true, but I like the bag.

To get the bag, if you're from the UK, go to THIS link.

If you're not from the UK you'll need to use a proxy to watch it.

Did you get the bag? Will you go and see 'Dear John'?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vintage Touch Styled Outfits

The new styled outfits are out, and they're called 'Vintage Touch'. They're a bit weird, and to me there isn't really one theme running throughout them all, but I do like some of them. The Fudge vegetarian dinosaur one is adorable, and I quite like the peach coloured dress from Pretty In Pink. I also like the multi-coloured dress from Pretty In Pink.

Do you like the new Styled Outfits? Will you be buying any?

Friday, 2 April 2010

New Harajuku Lovers Outfit

You can get the new outfit from Harajuku Lovers. This is the third outfit out of five from Harajuku Lovers, and I think it's really cute. I love the colours and the headband is really nice. You can still get the free parasol from joining the Harjuku club if you haven't already.

To get the bikini you can simply go to the Harjuku Lovers website by clicking HERE.

To see the original post click HERE.

To go to the Harajuku Club click HERE. You will need a proxy if you aren't from the UK.

Did you get the Lil' Angel bikini? Do you like these outfits?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Stardoll's closing?

I just saw this on the blog 'Fugdoll', and it seems that Stardoll is closing down in August. Apparently it's because they're being sued for plagiarism, and so they can't release any more clothes, so Stardoll is closing down.

Click HERE to see the full story.

What do you think of this? Will you be trying to claim compensation?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

That's so Surprise-spring!

Stardoll has started a new campaign thing, like the gift-o-meter at Christmas, where you can get a different gift each time you spend 15sd. This campaign is running from the 1st April to the 9th, so through play and earn, you should be able to get quite a few gifts.

The 15sd you spend doesn't have to be all at once, and you could spend half of it one day and two days later the rest and you'd still get a gift.

The only things I really like as gifts are the dark pink-red dress with sparkles on, the silver sandals, the interior and money. Most of the rest are a bit boring, and I've sold some of the ones I got, because I don't like them.

What items have you got so far? Which ones do you want?

First picture credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Olsenboye

There are some new clothes from Olsenboye in the Starplaza, and although I don't like them as much as the first collection, they're still really nice. Unfortunately, all the clothes are only for superstars this time, last collection were for non-ss too.

I especially like the cute grey blazer, and the matching skirt is adorable too. I'm not sure what to make of the pink sandals, they could look nice in some outfits, but they don't seem to really go with the two outfits.

Click HERE to get the items in your dressing room.

Do you like these new clothes? Do you like the Olsenboye brand on Stardoll?

Credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted for Picture

Monday, 29 March 2010

Limited Edition Released

The new Spring collection of Limited Edition has been released, and yet again there are 4 floors. Each of the floors seems to have a different theme, and there's not really one theme running throughout it. I bought two items from this collection, but I would have like to buy the dusty pink/beige skirt however, it had already sold out by the time I could have a look.

Do you like this collection? Did you buy anything?

April Hotbuys

The new Hotbuys have been released, and they're shown in a slightly different format than before. I prefer the old style of presenting them, as this looks slightly too much like styled outfits and it's easier to see the clothes in the old style.

I think the pale dress at the back is a bit plain, and I don't really like the way it's been designed, but the pink detailing is nice. The other dress next to it is really pretty, and I like the colours and the full skirt. I also like the leopard t-shirt, it looks nice. I quite like the swimsuit, it reminds me of the first Limited Edition collection, in a good way. I don't really like the pink dress, the holes look a bit weird and I really hate the way the shoulders have been cut out.

The blue shorts are ok, although the colour is quite nice, I don't really like the pattern on them. I adore the bow belt, it looks really cute and would add to an outfit and make it look nicer. I quite like the part on the hem of the skirt, but the grey is quite pale, and I think it should be shorter and I have a feeling Stardoll will make it quite long. The purse is quite cute, but to me it looks like it should be in a wedding outfit, so I don't know how someone would use it in an outfit. Finally, from the small picture I quite like the shoes, but it's a bit hard to see them in this format.

Do you like these Hotbuys? Which is your favourite?

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour Stuff

In the Starplaza there are some clothes for the Earth Hour things that's happening. Last year these clothes were free, but they're 5sd now. There's some nice T-shirts, and also some cute bags for both boys and girls. I probably won't be buying them though, apart from the girls bag, because for 5sd they're too expensive.

Do you like the items? Did you participate in Earth Hour?

Friday, 26 March 2010

New OTTO Collection

The new collection of OTTO has been released in the Starplaza. Again, you have to use a link to get the items, unless you're from Germany, where you can see the shop. Some things are ss, but there are some very good value items, such as a pair of boots for 3sd and non-ss.

There are a few pieces I like. I think the red t-shirt with the record on the front and the flowery dress (both in the last picture) are nice. I also like the white vest top in the second picture which has rainbow writing on the front. Finally, the green and purple skirt in the first picture is very pretty.

Click HERE to get them in your dressing room.

Do you like the new collection? Which are your favourite pieces?

Click the pictures to see them bigger.

New LE coming soon

If you look in the Starplaza, you'll see that the Limited Edition shop is 'Closed For Renovations', so the new collection will be coming out soon. I've seen some spoilers, but I don't really like them from the pictures, hopefully they'll be better when they come out.

When do you think LE will be coming out? Have you saved up some stardollars?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Greece Day things

There are some cool Greek things in the Starplaza to celebrate Greece becoming a republic, which happened in 1923. There are two outfits, with the main part of them being for ss only. There's also a flag, badge and a Parthenon thing.

Did you get the Greek things? Do you live in Greece?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Littlest Pet Shop

You can get some cute pets from Littlest Pet Shop in the Starplaza. They're priced at 5 or 6 sd, and are available to non-ss users too. There's nine different animals, my favourite are the seahorse and the monkey.

Click HERE to get them in your dressing room.

Do you like these pets? Did you buy any?

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll for the link

Got milk??

You can get a free duffel bag by clicking HERE. To watch the new Body by milk video in the cinema. [ not sure if this is in the USA only. ]

There's also a contest to continue the body by milk campaign....

Just dress up the Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson [ she's also in the cinema video ] and save in your album to enter.
And don't forget to put the milk on her. lol
For real. :p


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Endangered Species: Red-Eyed Tree Frog

And the next Endangered species is.........

The red-eyed tree frog!!! lol It just sound's kinda funny to me. I love my little guy!!!
Its so darn cute and smiley!!!! :]

I feel so bad that their rain forest habit is being diminished. RECYCLE YOUR PAPER PEOPLE!!
Anyway you can get it in your suite as always by clicking "adopt me" on the Endangered species page, or lazily clicking HERE.


Free light

Last year, if you remember, Stardoll did a campaign promoting 'Earth Hour', where by people switch of their lights for an hour. This year, Stardoll are doing the same things, and by agreeing to switch your lights off you can get a free light.

To get it go to THIS link, and then you can get it by clicking 'Yes' in the section 'I'm going to turn my lights off for one hour'.

Did you get the free item? Are you going to do earth hour?

More Inspired by's.

More inspired by's. :]

I like both pants okay, but I wouldn't really wear them. It seems that stardoll made the fit slightly baggier, and I think the real is a bit better.
The Cheap Monday top could got ether way depending on how you wear it.
But I really love the Yohji Yamamoto jacket. Its so edgy chic!!!

And the Ann Demeulemeester items....

I love the dress. The shape color make ad easy to wear piece.
The top on the right is nice. But the jacket is what I really love, I can see it in many high fashion outfits.

Fave items?? Your thoughts??


Inspired by McQueen, Versace, & Proenza

Some Inspired by McQueen stuff has been released....

from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection including the awesome shoes in the pic below.
I love the dress, and skirt!! I adored the real collection so I'm glad stardoll brought them to starplaza.

I like the Proenza dress a little better in real, just because there's more green in the bottom that gives a stronger contrast. Still the stardoll version is very cute and spring/summer like.

Another McQueen item the tank shown above.
I think its very cute. Though I don't see why stardoll had to tamper with the color/print on the top??
I like the the color on the real McQueen top much better.

The Versace jumpsuit is very pretty as well.
It would have been nice if stardoll had released the Versace black lace skirt piece with the dress, because it looks so good together in real.

What are you thoughts on the bundle of inspired items??