Monday, 29 March 2010

April Hotbuys

The new Hotbuys have been released, and they're shown in a slightly different format than before. I prefer the old style of presenting them, as this looks slightly too much like styled outfits and it's easier to see the clothes in the old style.

I think the pale dress at the back is a bit plain, and I don't really like the way it's been designed, but the pink detailing is nice. The other dress next to it is really pretty, and I like the colours and the full skirt. I also like the leopard t-shirt, it looks nice. I quite like the swimsuit, it reminds me of the first Limited Edition collection, in a good way. I don't really like the pink dress, the holes look a bit weird and I really hate the way the shoulders have been cut out.

The blue shorts are ok, although the colour is quite nice, I don't really like the pattern on them. I adore the bow belt, it looks really cute and would add to an outfit and make it look nicer. I quite like the part on the hem of the skirt, but the grey is quite pale, and I think it should be shorter and I have a feeling Stardoll will make it quite long. The purse is quite cute, but to me it looks like it should be in a wedding outfit, so I don't know how someone would use it in an outfit. Finally, from the small picture I quite like the shoes, but it's a bit hard to see them in this format.

Do you like these Hotbuys? Which is your favourite?


  1. i am looking forward to the shoes, the belt. the bag, and the two dresses that I GOT already =D

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