Wednesday, 31 March 2010

That's so Surprise-spring!

Stardoll has started a new campaign thing, like the gift-o-meter at Christmas, where you can get a different gift each time you spend 15sd. This campaign is running from the 1st April to the 9th, so through play and earn, you should be able to get quite a few gifts.

The 15sd you spend doesn't have to be all at once, and you could spend half of it one day and two days later the rest and you'd still get a gift.

The only things I really like as gifts are the dark pink-red dress with sparkles on, the silver sandals, the interior and money. Most of the rest are a bit boring, and I've sold some of the ones I got, because I don't like them.

What items have you got so far? Which ones do you want?

First picture credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted.

1 comment:

  1. i keep buying stuff cuz i want the interior thing and i keep getting either 5sd or some clothes