Wednesday, 31 March 2010

That's so Surprise-spring!

Stardoll has started a new campaign thing, like the gift-o-meter at Christmas, where you can get a different gift each time you spend 15sd. This campaign is running from the 1st April to the 9th, so through play and earn, you should be able to get quite a few gifts.

The 15sd you spend doesn't have to be all at once, and you could spend half of it one day and two days later the rest and you'd still get a gift.

The only things I really like as gifts are the dark pink-red dress with sparkles on, the silver sandals, the interior and money. Most of the rest are a bit boring, and I've sold some of the ones I got, because I don't like them.

What items have you got so far? Which ones do you want?

First picture credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Olsenboye

There are some new clothes from Olsenboye in the Starplaza, and although I don't like them as much as the first collection, they're still really nice. Unfortunately, all the clothes are only for superstars this time, last collection were for non-ss too.

I especially like the cute grey blazer, and the matching skirt is adorable too. I'm not sure what to make of the pink sandals, they could look nice in some outfits, but they don't seem to really go with the two outfits.

Click HERE to get the items in your dressing room.

Do you like these new clothes? Do you like the Olsenboye brand on Stardoll?

Credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted for Picture

Monday, 29 March 2010

Limited Edition Released

The new Spring collection of Limited Edition has been released, and yet again there are 4 floors. Each of the floors seems to have a different theme, and there's not really one theme running throughout it. I bought two items from this collection, but I would have like to buy the dusty pink/beige skirt however, it had already sold out by the time I could have a look.

Do you like this collection? Did you buy anything?

April Hotbuys

The new Hotbuys have been released, and they're shown in a slightly different format than before. I prefer the old style of presenting them, as this looks slightly too much like styled outfits and it's easier to see the clothes in the old style.

I think the pale dress at the back is a bit plain, and I don't really like the way it's been designed, but the pink detailing is nice. The other dress next to it is really pretty, and I like the colours and the full skirt. I also like the leopard t-shirt, it looks nice. I quite like the swimsuit, it reminds me of the first Limited Edition collection, in a good way. I don't really like the pink dress, the holes look a bit weird and I really hate the way the shoulders have been cut out.

The blue shorts are ok, although the colour is quite nice, I don't really like the pattern on them. I adore the bow belt, it looks really cute and would add to an outfit and make it look nicer. I quite like the part on the hem of the skirt, but the grey is quite pale, and I think it should be shorter and I have a feeling Stardoll will make it quite long. The purse is quite cute, but to me it looks like it should be in a wedding outfit, so I don't know how someone would use it in an outfit. Finally, from the small picture I quite like the shoes, but it's a bit hard to see them in this format.

Do you like these Hotbuys? Which is your favourite?

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour Stuff

In the Starplaza there are some clothes for the Earth Hour things that's happening. Last year these clothes were free, but they're 5sd now. There's some nice T-shirts, and also some cute bags for both boys and girls. I probably won't be buying them though, apart from the girls bag, because for 5sd they're too expensive.

Do you like the items? Did you participate in Earth Hour?

Friday, 26 March 2010

New OTTO Collection

The new collection of OTTO has been released in the Starplaza. Again, you have to use a link to get the items, unless you're from Germany, where you can see the shop. Some things are ss, but there are some very good value items, such as a pair of boots for 3sd and non-ss.

There are a few pieces I like. I think the red t-shirt with the record on the front and the flowery dress (both in the last picture) are nice. I also like the white vest top in the second picture which has rainbow writing on the front. Finally, the green and purple skirt in the first picture is very pretty.

Click HERE to get them in your dressing room.

Do you like the new collection? Which are your favourite pieces?

Click the pictures to see them bigger.

New LE coming soon

If you look in the Starplaza, you'll see that the Limited Edition shop is 'Closed For Renovations', so the new collection will be coming out soon. I've seen some spoilers, but I don't really like them from the pictures, hopefully they'll be better when they come out.

When do you think LE will be coming out? Have you saved up some stardollars?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Greece Day things

There are some cool Greek things in the Starplaza to celebrate Greece becoming a republic, which happened in 1923. There are two outfits, with the main part of them being for ss only. There's also a flag, badge and a Parthenon thing.

Did you get the Greek things? Do you live in Greece?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Littlest Pet Shop

You can get some cute pets from Littlest Pet Shop in the Starplaza. They're priced at 5 or 6 sd, and are available to non-ss users too. There's nine different animals, my favourite are the seahorse and the monkey.

Click HERE to get them in your dressing room.

Do you like these pets? Did you buy any?

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll for the link

Got milk??

You can get a free duffel bag by clicking HERE. To watch the new Body by milk video in the cinema. [ not sure if this is in the USA only. ]

There's also a contest to continue the body by milk campaign....

Just dress up the Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson [ she's also in the cinema video ] and save in your album to enter.
And don't forget to put the milk on her. lol
For real. :p


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Endangered Species: Red-Eyed Tree Frog

And the next Endangered species is.........

The red-eyed tree frog!!! lol It just sound's kinda funny to me. I love my little guy!!!
Its so darn cute and smiley!!!! :]

I feel so bad that their rain forest habit is being diminished. RECYCLE YOUR PAPER PEOPLE!!
Anyway you can get it in your suite as always by clicking "adopt me" on the Endangered species page, or lazily clicking HERE.


Free light

Last year, if you remember, Stardoll did a campaign promoting 'Earth Hour', where by people switch of their lights for an hour. This year, Stardoll are doing the same things, and by agreeing to switch your lights off you can get a free light.

To get it go to THIS link, and then you can get it by clicking 'Yes' in the section 'I'm going to turn my lights off for one hour'.

Did you get the free item? Are you going to do earth hour?

More Inspired by's.

More inspired by's. :]

I like both pants okay, but I wouldn't really wear them. It seems that stardoll made the fit slightly baggier, and I think the real is a bit better.
The Cheap Monday top could got ether way depending on how you wear it.
But I really love the Yohji Yamamoto jacket. Its so edgy chic!!!

And the Ann Demeulemeester items....

I love the dress. The shape color make ad easy to wear piece.
The top on the right is nice. But the jacket is what I really love, I can see it in many high fashion outfits.

Fave items?? Your thoughts??


Inspired by McQueen, Versace, & Proenza

Some Inspired by McQueen stuff has been released....

from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection including the awesome shoes in the pic below.
I love the dress, and skirt!! I adored the real collection so I'm glad stardoll brought them to starplaza.

I like the Proenza dress a little better in real, just because there's more green in the bottom that gives a stronger contrast. Still the stardoll version is very cute and spring/summer like.

Another McQueen item the tank shown above.
I think its very cute. Though I don't see why stardoll had to tamper with the color/print on the top??
I like the the color on the real McQueen top much better.

The Versace jumpsuit is very pretty as well.
It would have been nice if stardoll had released the Versace black lace skirt piece with the dress, because it looks so good together in real.

What are you thoughts on the bundle of inspired items??


I apologize.

I apologize to the readers and Imogen for not posting in 8 days. :[

The power when out over the that was part of the problem.
But no excuses, I will pick back up my share of posting.
And I will bring YAA back!!! [ If you don't remember what YAA is read THIS post ] I know I posted the 5th installment a while back. I will have feature 6 this week.

A few of my first posts may be a little outdated, but as I've already made the screen prints I will post them for the archive of the blog.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St. Patricks Day Stuff

As today is Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland, Stardoll have released some cheap stuff to celebrate it. As with other country celebrations days, there is an outfit which is mainly non-ss, but the dress is for ss only. There's also an 'I love Ireland' badge, a pillow, two wallpapers and a tapestry thing.

Did you buy any of these things? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

new ANTM dress

You can get the new free ANTM dress again by watching another trailer in the Cinema if you're from the UK, again use a proxy if you're not.

The dress reminds me of a dress in an LE collection a bit ago, except in a different colour and with straps, so to get it for free is really good. I actually really like the dress, but I'm not really a fan of the colour scheme.

If you don't understand go to THIS post.

Do you like this dress? Which is your favourite so far?

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Play&Earn scheme started

The new play and earn scheme I told you about previously has started. It's much easier to earn money, but I did like doing the games. I think Stardoll should have kept the old way too, so users could pick which way they wanted to earn money by.

To get the details of this new system click HERE.

Do you like the new way of Play and Earn? Do you prefer this way are the old way?

New Olsenboye shop

There's a new shop for people from the USA, but people from other countries can buy the clothes too. They're from a shop called Olsenboye, and I really love some of the clothes, which have a slightly preppy feel to them, but there are other clothes I don't like which have a different style to them.

I adore the 'Boyfriend Blazer' and the 'Love In The City Cropped Tee'. The rest of the clothes are ok, and it's good that they're all for non-ss, but I don't really like them enough to buy them all. Although they're non-ss, they're about average prices for Stardoll nowadays however they still seem quite expensive.

Click HERE to get the clothes in your dressing room.

Do you like these clothes? Did you buy any?

Friday, 12 March 2010

Free Rollerskates

You can get a free pair of rollerskates by watching a trailer for the new film 'Whip It' in the stardoll Cinema if you're from the UK. The clip is quite long, so it'll take a while to buffer, as the Stardoll Cinema isn't very good but it's worth putting up with it to get something for free. The skates are simply black with pink wheels and are meant to be similar to some in the film.

Use a UK proxy if you're not from the UK, and go to THIS link. To go to the campaign page click HERE.

Did you get the skates? Are you going to watch the film?

Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Starpoint Hairs

There are some new hairstyles and starpoint rewards for users with 7,500sp and upwards. It will take me ages to get there, but for those users who have reached high amounts of starpoints it's probably really good, as I don't think they got anything before (correct me if I'm wrong).

I don't really like the hairstyles apart from the 8,000sp one which is also on the homepage of Stardoll and I was wondering how to get it as I really like it. I think Stardoll is just trying to come up with more rewards, as the reward for 8,5000sp is a garden gnome.

Do you like these hairstyles? What do you think about the other rewards?

Pic credit to Stardoll-I-My.

Free 'Little Darlings' Dress

If you're from the UK you can get a free dress by entering a competition. There are three questions to answer, and you can get the dress if you do. The dress is only available to the first 10, 000 entries, so go and enter it fast to get the dress.

This dress id from a campaign for a new book by Jacqueline Wilson called 'Little Darlings' and apparently is similar to one which one of the characters wears in the book.

To go to the contest page click HERE. To go to the campaign page click HERE.

Did you get this dress? Did it make you want to get the book?

New free Harajuku Lovers items

You can get two new free items from Harajuku Lovers, a swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses. This is the second set of free things from the club, and there are five different ones to get altogether. You can also still get the free parasol if you didn't last time by joining the club.

Click HERE to go to the origninal post to understand how to get everything.

Go to THIS link, and wait until the website has fully loaded to get the swimsuit and sunglasses.

Did you get the free things? Do you like them?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Way to Play & Earn coming soon

I got a message in doll mail today about a new way to Play and Earn. It says that rather than earning sd from playing games, you can get them by voting for a range of different things. According to this picture, you need to vote someone covergirl, rate an album and scenery or photo, vote for a stardesign item and rate an outfit.

I think this way is much better, as it's easier than playing a game. Also you can 'Win Unique prizes each time you hit 70sd', which sounds interesting. I hope that this new way also improves the payment system, because you can only earn the Play and Earn money 10 days a month which is annoying.

And finally, I think they'll have to change the name, because it's not really playing any more, but voting and rating instead. So it should be called 'Rate and Earn' or 'Vote and Earn'.

What do you think of the new system? Do you prefer this new way or playing games?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New red carpet inspired by the Academe Awards.

Two new dresses and a bracelet have been released under the red carpet tittle. [[ well its been long enough since the last installment of the red carpet inspired by Versace and Versus. ]]

The new dresses are inspired by the Academe Awards.
The pink Jenn Packham dress worn by Miley Cyrus, and the blue Marchesa gown worn by Gabourey Sidibe.

[[ pic thx to though I edited them a bit....I feel the need to give credit. ]]

I like both of the dresses.
I think they'd look good with some simple accessories, and a fresh face of makeup.

Out of the two I like the Jenn Packham dress better, just love the soft color and the top.
The Marchesa I prefer in real...just because it complemented Gabourey's so well, and the color looked nice on her.
And since its not really my taste, I just see it on someone else.

What do you think of the new dresses??


New ANTM dress

You can get the new free ANTM dress again by watching another trailer in the Cinema if you're from the UK, again use a proxy if you're not.

The dress reminds me of one of the tops from the moodiwear design competition because of the shape. I'm not really a fan of the colour and feathers, it looks a bit weird to me, but it's still free so worth getting. I think this dress is my least favourite so far.

If you don't understand go to THIS post.

Do you like this dress? Which is your favourite so far?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Free Dragon, Shield and Viking Helmet

If you're from the UK, you can get a free Viking Helmet, shield, and a free dragon for your suite. If you're not from the UK you'll have to use a proxy to get all the items. You can choose which dragon you want, there's a selection of two from the campaign page. The helmet is free when you sign in, and you can get the shield from watching the trailer in the cinema.

You can get these free things because of a new film coming out called 'How you train your Dragon 3D'.

Click HERE to go to the campaign page.

Did you get the free items? Are you going to see the film?

Free Womens day necklace

There's a free necklace available in the Starplaza to celebrate Womens' Day. There's also a sign in the Suite Shop available for 1sd. The sign was available as a gift last year along with a girl power bouquet, which you can send as a gift for 1sd.

Do you like the free necklace? Do you celebrate Women's Day?

Archive....frozen stuff re-released again.

How many times will stardoll bring back the same old stuff??

The frozen stuff was re-released again in archive.
Along with some other old stuff. And these Rio checkered pants that I've one seen once before in someones suite. The pretty rare idoru sneakers [ not in pic ] worth about $20-$30 sds were re-released as well.
Also some rare dresses have been re-released.

The Selma Blair gala dress, Zhang dress, and the Marilyn gown.
Dress collectors like one my friends, are very upset at the re-releases of these gowns worth upwards of $50 stardollars.

What are your opinions??
Are you an upset collector, or will you be buying?