Thursday, 20 August 2009

September Hotbuys

Stardoll has released the September hotbuys. I like most of these and the colour scheme (green, yellow and pink) is really cute.
Wierdly, stardoll has put in one of the bags from Kohls, also it says that it is coming out on the 30th August. But I like this bag and have bought it when it first came out.
The two dresses are nice really cute, the green yellow and pink one is the same style as one of the August Hotbuys, but I like the style and the colours are pretty. The one with the pink skirt is cute, you can buy lots of dresses in real life in the same style.
The two tops are nice, I like the white one best, I love the design around the neckline. The longer one is pretty too.
The shoes and bag are adorable, the gold and pink scheme is really nice, I love the little bow on the bag. I like the beret, but the scarf is great, I love it.
The tights are a bit much, unless you were to wear them with a plain top they would be too overpowering. I love the shape of the coat, most of Stardoll's coats cover up the rest of the clothes, but this one doesn't.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New Homepage

If you look on the stardoll homepage, you'll see two new things; New items and people who have just signed in. This looks like the chinese stardoll ( It's ok, the members who have just logged in used to be down the side bar.
Do you like the new layout?

Monday, 17 August 2009

New Play and Earn Game

"Math Challenge" is the new play and earn game, and as you can tell from the name, it's all to do with maths. The game starts out easily with sums like '6+1' but gets progressively harder, to sums like in the picture. However, it is an easy game and you only need a low number of points to get 5sd.
What do you think of the game? What's your high-score?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Schoolgirl Theme

Stardoll's newest theme is 'Schoolgirl'. This is because lots of people will soon be goung back to school. Stardoll has alos released 'Jojo 2', a doll with boring school clothes. We don't want this! I'd much prefer more fashionable dolls with nice clothes. Again, it's basically all superstar, except for the splendid accessories, ties, socks and shoes. There is also some furniture in the minishop. No main pieces for non-ss yet again. However, there are some nice pieces.


Recently, lots of people have been becoming covergirl after making raffles for people to vote for them. Emorox4eva, owner of the blog Stardoll's Most Wanted has made a really good raffle, where ten people can win something. I would really appreciate it if you voted for her on Thursday and Friday. Go to the blog (The Link is at the end of the post) and sign the topic saying you heard about it from imogen-bubble. Thanks.