Thursday, 28 January 2010

Endangered Speices Campaign

Stardoll has created a new campaign, called Endagered Species. You can get a free Gorilla by 'Adopting' it this month. There are 12 different animal, and you can get each one for a month, which means it lasts 12 months or a year. Click HERE to see the campaign page.

What do you think of this new campaign? What other animals do you think we can adopt in the future?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Hairs Out

The new hairs which I posted the picture of before have been made available. They are only for superstars and I've seen lots of superstars wearing them already. I've posted a picture of some medolls wearing the new ones.

My favourite is the plaited one on plumeauke's medoll, I've also been wearing that on my medoll. Rock_Chic_x's medoll looks amazing with the hair, she looks like an ice princess. TheBlinding looks so stylish and sophisticated with that hair, she makes it look really good. äöäöäö's medoll always looks good, and this style really suits her. Elegant.girl.95 looks adorable with the hair, I really like this style too. Finally, I just put a picture of me in the last hair, because I can't see any other medolls with it on.

Do you like the new hairs? Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New free Dress from ANTM

It's week three of the ANTM scheme so that means another free dress for people from the UK. This week it's a cute halterneck, I love this dress too, just like the previous weeks, the clothes they're giving away are the best ones I've seen on stardoll for free.

To see how to get it or if you don't understand go to THIS post.

Do you like this dress? Are you liking the ANTM scheme?

New Hairstyles coming?

You may have seen this picture circulating around the lots of the Stardoll blogs. It shoes 6 new hairstyles which it looks like are coming to Stardoll. It seems like they are only for superstars, which is unfair to non-ss, as there hasn't been any new hairstyles for ages. I think the last ones came out in July? but I'm not sure.

I adore number 1, 4 and 6. But they all look great, I think most of them are from the dress-up dolls, but I'm not sure.

Do you like the new hairstyles? Which is your favourite?

Picture Credit to Hotbuys Bazaar

Crazy glitch!!

I was suite chatting with my friend ny_cutie the other day.
When we went into one of her rooms and this happened!
Now you cant see from the screen shot but the room is much longer than its suppose to be.
If you visit her suite you can see that the couch you see in the screen shot is MUCH closer to the door. And the room isn't white anyway.
Also when I dropped my hat into the white space [[ after the screen shot. ]]
It bounced back to the other part of the room.
And when I scrolled left to the real part of her room...I couldn't scroll back until the white space disappeared.

Has this ever happened to anyone else??

Also I never noticed before that when your the guest in someones suite all you clothes say $0 stardollars on the price tag.


YAA Feature #5

For YAA feature #5 introducing......
ajnas!!! For her amazing outfit :]

[ Click to enlarge ]

When I first saw this outfit it blew me away!!
I mean she looks like a fashion angel!!
To make this look she used.

-the faux feather dress from the voile holiday boutique
- fashion puffs from the barbie fashionistas shop
- a bed cover net thing [[ sorry i cant remember what its called ]]
- a glass shelf
- angel wings
and among other things, shoes to make couture hip winged silhouette
that part of her outfit reminds me of the Versace dress below. >>>

No to mention the beautiful head dress the made out of white flowers, and pearl necklaces.
Overall the dress she made is absolutely stunning, and high fashion!!

ajnas your absolutely amazing!!!

I highly recommend you visit her page by clicking HERE.


Happy Australia day!!

Stardoll has released some new stuff for Australia day.

There's some cute stuff for a summer suite!!
To bad If you live in America, or the UK its still winter...
...oh we can dream. lol


Monday, 25 January 2010

February Hotbuys

The picture of the February Hotbuys has been released today. Again the medoll model has a 50s look about her, but slightly more rocker, with the tattoo. I generally like them all this month, they also all look well-designed.

Firstly, I have to say how much I love the dress, it reminds me of an old hotbuy which was a dress with red and white flowers, only in a larger graphic print. The bumble bee bag is adorable, but I have no idea how I would make it work in an outfit. The red boots are gorgeous and I like the tee shirt, the pattern looks really mysterious. Also, the black tee looks really simple and cute. The bow headband thing looks cool too.

The jeans look like they're for the male medoll, which reminds me that I don't think there has ever been any hotbuys for males. I'm not too sure about the jacket, which is military inspired, but I think it needs more detailing to make it work. I don't really like the shape of the black and pink sweater, it just looks really weird to me.

Do you like this months hotbuys? Which are your favourite?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wild Things styled Outfits

The New styled outfits have been released, it's called 'Wild Things' and the pictures in the magazine don't really give away much to the clothes we'll be seeing. The wording on the three pictures are
'Tumble out of bed into a dream ocean...
Let your ceiling grow vines and your walls become the world...
Make your home amongst the wild things of the world'

Do you like the sound of this theme? What do you think the clothes will be like?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New free dress from America's top Model

Once again, if you are form the UK you can get a free ANTM dress by watching a clip in the cinema. This time it's a slightly more elegant dress than last week, and I really like this one. Hopefully the rest of the free clothes will be as good as this one, and the dress last week.

To see how to get it or if you don't understand go to THIS post.

Do you like this dress? Are you liking the ANTM scheme?

Picture Credit to Underneath Stardoll.
I was too lazy to get my own.

New Play and Earn Game

There's a new play and earn game to play, called Brand Detective. It is a basically a wordsearch where you have to find the names of famous brands and designers inside it. Also, to make it easier, Stardoll have made the first letter of one of the Brands go pink, so it is easier to find the name.

Also, there is a new system to Play and Earn, where by one stardollar a day is saved into your actual money, and the other four are still play and earn and will run out at the end of the day. So this is almost like the 1sd a day is back, so that's good.

Do you like the new play and earn game? What do you think of the new system?

Monday, 18 January 2010

Stardolls Sending rares to hell!!

Rompers....Ice skating dresses....Cher...snake skin???
What dose this come to??

More rare re-released in the starplaza archive.
The rompers used to go for $60, the Skating dress, and the snake skin boots, and bag were mild rares. Hmm..not anymore.
I'm really getting tired of this...
Are you?? Tell us what you think in the comments.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Free ANTM clothes

If you are form the UK, you can get some free 'America's Next Top Model' clothes. This is from watching a preview in the Stardoll Cinema, where each week they will show a clip and you can get something free. This week it is a cute black and grey dress.

You can also get a coat simply by logging in, in the UK or using a UK proxy.

Use THIS UK proxy. I don't know if it's safe, so change your password before and after. Paste this url in the box and press go.

Do you like ANTM? Did you get the free stuff.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

New OTTO store

There's a new shop for German users only, called OTTO. OTTO is an online shop but it has come to Stardoll now. Even if you aren't from Germany, you can still buy the clothes by clicking HERE. Most of the clothes in the shop are for non-ss, they're cheap and cute but it would be easier if the shop was available everywhere.

What do you think of the new OTTO store? Do you like the clothes?

Credit to Underneath Stardoll for link and pics.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weird finds on the starplaza search!!!

I was In starplaza today and I happened to search shoes. I came across some old voile boots that were labeled archive. But when I picked them up instead of seeing voile under the archive stamp I saw antidote.

I know these boots should be marked archive/voile. And these mysterious boots aren't even in the archive shop.

Is this just a glitch or a hint to the future?? Judge for yourselves.

And remember the October 09' hot buy's. That had the pink candies bag that was already in kohl's???

( hot buys pic thx to the stardoll insiders. )

Well searching the starplaza search I found a bag that's NOT in candies almost Identical the the pink one. The only difference is that its beige, and faces the opposite way.
Weird much??


New Decade of the Teens collection

In the Starplaza there is a new collection of the 'Decades of the Teens' shop. I personally think that this collection is the best so far. In this collection there are a lot of cute shoes and lots of the outfits have removable parts to them which you could probably use in other outfits.

I especially like the dress by canadianmonkey3. I also think gadzinyeah's dress is pretty. However my favourite is the dress and jumpsuit by FashiongodS

There is also a magazine post with all the pictures of the designs in, you can see it HERE.

Do you like the new collection? What are your favourite designs?

Stardoll Mistakes....and stardoll T.V??

Yesterday there were only four spots on the top five CG list.
They fixed it today but that was pretty weird.

Also stardoll's is planning to do a new thing called stardoll T.V.
Behind the scenes at fashion, and music events, and so on.
Of course the don't want to let to much out before hand, so i found the video a bit vague.
But I think its a great idea.

Ummm stardoll have you heard of spell check....b/c I don't the mushc is a word LOL

(Click to enlarge.)


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stardoll TV

There's a new project on Stardoll called 'Stardoll TV' and in the magazine there's a post about it. There has been a video posted in the magazine showing a promo of this new feature. Shown in the video is what's to come, with shopping trips, a small section on behind the scenes of the X-Factor and some Stardoll users talking about it.

There is a presenter called Gemma who seems very enthusiastic about the whole thing, but I think Stardoll TV will go one fore a few episodes and then that'll be it because I don't think enough people will watch it. However, this might not be the case and Stardoll TV will be a huge hit in the UK, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I don't know if this is just for the UK, but you can see the magazine post HERE.

Free Moodiwear Mannequin

You will remember all the moodiwear stuff (stardesign, competition, moodibar) that's for people in the UK, and there's another thing to get. This time there's a new club and if you join, you can get a free mannequin.

If you are form the UK click HERE. Or if you are from another country use a UK proxy like THIS one and paste the link in the box.

Don't forget to change your password before and after using a proxy, and I can't say that this is safe.

Did you get the free Mannequin? What do you think of the club?

New party room!!

There's I new party room for stradoll parties!! To go with the decade of teens theme. ( I know its probably be out a while...but I guess nobody saw it lol)

I love this background!! Very couture!! The floors are nice as well :] Also they added a bunch of new furniture to match...

Two extremely cute chairs, a table, shelves, a love seat/bed, and mirrors.
Also a bunny, and a tree that seem slightly out of place. But keep with the teen wonderland theme.
What do you think of the new room??
Sadly parties are still SS only :[


Monday, 11 January 2010

Waves clothes

As part of the 'In the Net' styled outfits theme, Stardoll has released some new clothes which they have called 'waves'. They are mostly in neutral greys and dark colours, but there are some in other shades and colours.

All the clothes have some sort of wave pattern on them, whether done in sequins like on the Stardoll Skirt or in colours on the pattern like on the Stardoll Long Skirt. I like the RIO chicas purple top most out of all of them, probably because it's got the most colour.

What do you think of the new waves clothes? Are you liking the new 'In the Net' theme?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Yemaya, Stardoll? Really?

In the Stardoll magazine there was a post entitled 'Yemaya - Ocean Goddess'. This to me was a very unusual title, so I had to have a look. There was a post about a goddess of the sea, amongst other things, including 'deep secrets and the collective unconscious.'

This post has sparked a little criticism with some of the members of Stardoll, with comments including 'FAKE! The Only God is Jesus Christ' and 'I'll stick to my god... Jesus!' So it probably wasn't such a good idea from Stardoll trying to teach us about different cultures.

On the doll there are mostly long maxi-dresses in unusual prints, although there are items from the new 'In the Net' styled outfits too. Basically all the clothes have a bold print or pattern which makes it hard to make outfits. She originates from African states, which explains the prints on the new doll.

Do you like the new Yemaya doll? What do you think of the magazine post?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

YAA Feature #4

ny_cuties suite is well, super cute!! So I feature her as my fourth YAA post. :]

In the left pic you will see the font of her house and her driveway. Its not the most technically "prefect", but artistically its very cute, and well done.
I love the little door, and all the foliage!!! The driveway with the scooter, and the little car is just adorable!

In the right pic is her den. If you visit her suite (by way of the link at the end of this post) you can see the the way she placed the wooden planks, makes the wall seem to curve just like a real cottage. The simple accessories, stairs and the fireplace (off screen) complements this cozy den.

And lastly my fave room of her suite, the sitting room/bedroom.

Ok where to start lol
I love the way she framed the pairs window!! The two lights on either side of the room, both highlighting the pictures is great. I love that she did not use the same picture on both sides, sometimes different is best.
The cute seating area goes well with the room, and brings in the right amount of color.
The other bedroom off of the seating area adds depth. And the bed on the other side is a nice finish to the room.

ny_cutie your absolutely amazing!!!

You must visit ny_cutie's suite by clicking HERE.


Friday, 8 January 2010

New Background

When you go the the Stardoll homepage, you'll see a different background, which is a sort of foresty background now. It's a change from the St. Trinians 2 one that used to greet me on stardoll, and I obviouslt prefer it from the advertising, and it does look quite cute.

What are your opinions on the new background? Did you prefer the old one?

YAA Feature #3

For my third YAA post I chose tartbuffy for her stunning eclectic suite!!!

In the first pic is her bathroom. ( I had to cut the screen prints together to give you the full view.)
Some how all the mix-matched prints just work beautifully!!
I know more people have been using that chandelier as I shower head, but she is one of the first people I saw do it. The rest on the shower has great depth and realistically. The window in the back is so perfect .
I also love the way she made the sink, and cabinets. Using the comic strip rug for the counter top was a great idea!!

In the second pic I show her bedroom. I love feel of this room!! Depth Is on of the hardest things to pull of, while still having the furniture in proportion.
She has achieved that. The way the column is set with the angle of the butterfly curtains, and the rug create depth. The crazy patterns and textures just work for no reason lol

And last but not least...her cozy living room, or den, or family room. Whatever you call it its fab!!
I mix styles a lot in fashion....she's done this in her suite. With this modern yet classically cozy room. The stairs just float graciously up to the seating area.
The fireplace it made out of many things. Including and window, rug, and bricks.
A rug in a fire....well it works lol

If you want to check out these rooms for yourself, and she the rest of tartbuffy's amazing suite click HERE!!

tartbuffy your absolutely amazing!!!!


New suite shop items!!

New items have been released in the suite shop to go with stardolls latest " In the net" theme.
My favorite items are the net manikin, fishnet wall hangings, and the net divan.
Overall there nice,chic,and futuristic.

What do you think of the new items??

I for one cant wait to see what people will come up with.
If you've used some of the new suite shop items in you suite, tell me in the comments and you could be featured on YAA.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

'In the Net' Styled Outfits

The new styled outfits have been released in the Suiteshop and Starplaza. They're called 'In the Net' and the clothes have a slightly futuristic feel to them, and most have some sort of fishnet incorporated into the design.

I like some of the clothes, but they seem slightly over-designed for me to personally like them a lot. I would have preferred them if they just had one of the elements in them, particularly on some of the tops.

In the Suite Shop, I really like the mannikin, it looks a lot more like one that the others available in the Suite shop. However, all the other items are slightly disappointing, the chair and spider, designed in the same way as the mannikin are less so but I don't really understand what the spider is for.

Do you like the 'In the Net' items? Which are your favourite?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Eternity Magzine Released

Yet another magazine has been released, this time it's Eternity. I always used to read this magazine, it was one of the first user-made ones I remember actually having good graphics.

I really love this issue, especially the amazing graphic of the hot pink bags, 'The Pink Exposure'. The graphic artist, Mary who's username on Stardoll is writemarycat, is so talented, the detail on every single graphic is outstanding and I can't imagine the amount of work that must have gone into it. There is also an interview with Mel, bluegreen86, who was also on the cover of D Magazine, inside. The graphics in the interview and on the cover of the magazine have caused a lot of controversy, because Mel is depicted with no clothes on apart from fur. Personally, I think that the graphics are all amazing, and the subject of them is causing a lot of good publicity. To see the whole magazine click HERE.

Well Done Mary on a great issue of my favourite magazine.

What do you think of Eternity? Which is your favourite Stardoll Magazine?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Final Moodiwear designs Released

It's the seventh and final week of the moodiwear design competition, so the last four designs have been released. There is a sweater, a big buckled belt, some high waisted shorts and a top with ruched sleeves. The theme this week is 'Loved Up'

The big belt is really nice, but it's quite small so would need to be worn at the waist for it to look correct. The sweater is quite long and I like the wrapped look at the neck of it. The short-sleeved top is also cute, but I think it looks like it has slashed sleeves on the pattern. I don't really like the shorts, I think they're too long and I don't like the roll-ups at the bottom.

What do you think of these designs? Are you sad the moodiwear competition has ended?

Never buy rares again!!!

Ok stardoll archive is bringing everything out of the woodwork!!!

#1 the rare millian fake fur. [ not sure on a price...dont see it selling much]

#2. The sparkling tube top. [ worth $20-45 sds]

#3. The Maggie shoes from the October 07' hot buys. [ not approx. price ]

(hot buys image thx to

And a few other dresses worth over $15.

My advice DONT buy moderate rares as long as archive is around.



I'm so sorry for not posting for the last five days.
I've been so busy with the holidays. But that's not an excuse. :]

I have been working on 2 YAA posts that I will have up in the next 2 days.
Also a post I've been working hard on about "hidden inspired by items" that means stardoll dose not put " Inspired by ___" on the tag. The post will have pics of the real items, as well as the stardolll versions.
So look forward to that, I will be posting like I used to again. :]


Saturday, 2 January 2010

User-made Magazines

I personally love user-made Stardoll Magazines, and in the last couple of days two really good ones have been relased, D magazine and Runway magazine. Both are amazing Winter Issues, and I want to say what I think of both of them.

Firstly D Magazine, formerly known as Different Magazine is made by the talented Monroe... and there are some absolutely amazing graphics in the magazine, I especially like a beautiful one of a pair of Black Louboutin shoes. Milena really has a talent for graphic designs. Also in the magazine is an interview with bluegreen86 about Christmas with some lovely Christmas graphics to go with it.

Runway, which is owned by three people, Vasia28, Reira422 and doinker_chic, and firstly I have to say that I think the cover is beautiful, and the work that must have gone into it really shows. Inside the magaizne are loads of really good graphics, and although I think a few could be slightly better, specifically the hands and nails on the bags section, there are some amazing ones to make up for it. I also like the five small interviews about New Years Resolutions, they're a cute way to finish of the magazine.

What do you think of these magazines? Which is your favourite?

Friday, 1 January 2010


Firstly, I want to say Happy New Year to everyone. And if you are from the UK and look on your page, you will see a 'moodibar' type thing below your suite. It has the week on it, and you can decide in your mood for each day, represented by a different face, and keep it like that for the week. I don't really understand what it's for, apart form maybe to see how your mood changes throughout the week.

Do you like the new 'moodibar'? What do you think it's for?