Wednesday, 6 January 2010

'In the Net' Styled Outfits

The new styled outfits have been released in the Suiteshop and Starplaza. They're called 'In the Net' and the clothes have a slightly futuristic feel to them, and most have some sort of fishnet incorporated into the design.

I like some of the clothes, but they seem slightly over-designed for me to personally like them a lot. I would have preferred them if they just had one of the elements in them, particularly on some of the tops.

In the Suite Shop, I really like the mannikin, it looks a lot more like one that the others available in the Suite shop. However, all the other items are slightly disappointing, the chair and spider, designed in the same way as the mannikin are less so but I don't really understand what the spider is for.

Do you like the 'In the Net' items? Which are your favourite?

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