Sunday, 10 January 2010

Yemaya, Stardoll? Really?

In the Stardoll magazine there was a post entitled 'Yemaya - Ocean Goddess'. This to me was a very unusual title, so I had to have a look. There was a post about a goddess of the sea, amongst other things, including 'deep secrets and the collective unconscious.'

This post has sparked a little criticism with some of the members of Stardoll, with comments including 'FAKE! The Only God is Jesus Christ' and 'I'll stick to my god... Jesus!' So it probably wasn't such a good idea from Stardoll trying to teach us about different cultures.

On the doll there are mostly long maxi-dresses in unusual prints, although there are items from the new 'In the Net' styled outfits too. Basically all the clothes have a bold print or pattern which makes it hard to make outfits. She originates from African states, which explains the prints on the new doll.

Do you like the new Yemaya doll? What do you think of the magazine post?

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