Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Crazy glitch!!

I was suite chatting with my friend ny_cutie the other day.
When we went into one of her rooms and this happened!
Now you cant see from the screen shot but the room is much longer than its suppose to be.
If you visit her suite you can see that the couch you see in the screen shot is MUCH closer to the door. And the room isn't white anyway.
Also when I dropped my hat into the white space [[ after the screen shot. ]]
It bounced back to the other part of the room.
And when I scrolled left to the real part of her room...I couldn't scroll back until the white space disappeared.

Has this ever happened to anyone else??

Also I never noticed before that when your the guest in someones suite all you clothes say $0 stardollars on the price tag.


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