Friday, 8 January 2010

YAA Feature #3

For my third YAA post I chose tartbuffy for her stunning eclectic suite!!!

In the first pic is her bathroom. ( I had to cut the screen prints together to give you the full view.)
Some how all the mix-matched prints just work beautifully!!
I know more people have been using that chandelier as I shower head, but she is one of the first people I saw do it. The rest on the shower has great depth and realistically. The window in the back is so perfect .
I also love the way she made the sink, and cabinets. Using the comic strip rug for the counter top was a great idea!!

In the second pic I show her bedroom. I love feel of this room!! Depth Is on of the hardest things to pull of, while still having the furniture in proportion.
She has achieved that. The way the column is set with the angle of the butterfly curtains, and the rug create depth. The crazy patterns and textures just work for no reason lol

And last but not least...her cozy living room, or den, or family room. Whatever you call it its fab!!
I mix styles a lot in fashion....she's done this in her suite. With this modern yet classically cozy room. The stairs just float graciously up to the seating area.
The fireplace it made out of many things. Including and window, rug, and bricks.
A rug in a fire....well it works lol

If you want to check out these rooms for yourself, and she the rest of tartbuffy's amazing suite click HERE!!

tartbuffy your absolutely amazing!!!!


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