Tuesday, 26 January 2010

YAA Feature #5

For YAA feature #5 introducing......
ajnas!!! For her amazing outfit :]

[ Click to enlarge ]

When I first saw this outfit it blew me away!!
I mean she looks like a fashion angel!!
To make this look she used.

-the faux feather dress from the voile holiday boutique
- fashion puffs from the barbie fashionistas shop
- a bed cover net thing [[ sorry i cant remember what its called ]]
- a glass shelf
- angel wings
and among other things, shoes to make couture hip winged silhouette
that part of her outfit reminds me of the Versace dress below. >>>

No to mention the beautiful head dress the made out of white flowers, and pearl necklaces.
Overall the dress she made is absolutely stunning, and high fashion!!

ajnas your absolutely amazing!!!

I highly recommend you visit her page by clicking HERE.


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