Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weird finds on the starplaza search!!!

I was In starplaza today and I happened to search shoes. I came across some old voile boots that were labeled archive. But when I picked them up instead of seeing voile under the archive stamp I saw antidote.

I know these boots should be marked archive/voile. And these mysterious boots aren't even in the archive shop.

Is this just a glitch or a hint to the future?? Judge for yourselves.

And remember the October 09' hot buy's. That had the pink candies bag that was already in kohl's???

( hot buys pic thx to the stardoll insiders. )

Well searching the starplaza search I found a bag that's NOT in candies almost Identical the the pink one. The only difference is that its beige, and faces the opposite way.
Weird much??



  1. Everybody knew about these :S Buutt, cause I am a follower the update is not to buy the boots cause they go back to archive in your room x cherrysugar10

  2. Yes Im sorry I forgot to add that. I just bought them b/c I wanted to not b/c I thought they were real antidote. :)
    And i dont think "everybody" knew about the candies bag. B/c I have yet to see one blog post about it.