Saturday, 9 January 2010

YAA Feature #4

ny_cuties suite is well, super cute!! So I feature her as my fourth YAA post. :]

In the left pic you will see the font of her house and her driveway. Its not the most technically "prefect", but artistically its very cute, and well done.
I love the little door, and all the foliage!!! The driveway with the scooter, and the little car is just adorable!

In the right pic is her den. If you visit her suite (by way of the link at the end of this post) you can see the the way she placed the wooden planks, makes the wall seem to curve just like a real cottage. The simple accessories, stairs and the fireplace (off screen) complements this cozy den.

And lastly my fave room of her suite, the sitting room/bedroom.

Ok where to start lol
I love the way she framed the pairs window!! The two lights on either side of the room, both highlighting the pictures is great. I love that she did not use the same picture on both sides, sometimes different is best.
The cute seating area goes well with the room, and brings in the right amount of color.
The other bedroom off of the seating area adds depth. And the bed on the other side is a nice finish to the room.

ny_cutie your absolutely amazing!!!

You must visit ny_cutie's suite by clicking HERE.


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