Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Hairs Out

The new hairs which I posted the picture of before have been made available. They are only for superstars and I've seen lots of superstars wearing them already. I've posted a picture of some medolls wearing the new ones.

My favourite is the plaited one on plumeauke's medoll, I've also been wearing that on my medoll. Rock_Chic_x's medoll looks amazing with the hair, she looks like an ice princess. TheBlinding looks so stylish and sophisticated with that hair, she makes it look really good. äöäöäö's medoll always looks good, and this style really suits her. Elegant.girl.95 looks adorable with the hair, I really like this style too. Finally, I just put a picture of me in the last hair, because I can't see any other medolls with it on.

Do you like the new hairs? Which is your favourite?