Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Way to Play & Earn coming soon

I got a message in doll mail today about a new way to Play and Earn. It says that rather than earning sd from playing games, you can get them by voting for a range of different things. According to this picture, you need to vote someone covergirl, rate an album and scenery or photo, vote for a stardesign item and rate an outfit.

I think this way is much better, as it's easier than playing a game. Also you can 'Win Unique prizes each time you hit 70sd', which sounds interesting. I hope that this new way also improves the payment system, because you can only earn the Play and Earn money 10 days a month which is annoying.

And finally, I think they'll have to change the name, because it's not really playing any more, but voting and rating instead. So it should be called 'Rate and Earn' or 'Vote and Earn'.

What do you think of the new system? Do you prefer this new way or playing games?

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