Thursday, 18 March 2010

Inspired by McQueen, Versace, & Proenza

Some Inspired by McQueen stuff has been released....

from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection including the awesome shoes in the pic below.
I love the dress, and skirt!! I adored the real collection so I'm glad stardoll brought them to starplaza.

I like the Proenza dress a little better in real, just because there's more green in the bottom that gives a stronger contrast. Still the stardoll version is very cute and spring/summer like.

Another McQueen item the tank shown above.
I think its very cute. Though I don't see why stardoll had to tamper with the color/print on the top??
I like the the color on the real McQueen top much better.

The Versace jumpsuit is very pretty as well.
It would have been nice if stardoll had released the Versace black lace skirt piece with the dress, because it looks so good together in real.

What are you thoughts on the bundle of inspired items??


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