Thursday, 18 March 2010

More Inspired by's.

More inspired by's. :]

I like both pants okay, but I wouldn't really wear them. It seems that stardoll made the fit slightly baggier, and I think the real is a bit better.
The Cheap Monday top could got ether way depending on how you wear it.
But I really love the Yohji Yamamoto jacket. Its so edgy chic!!!

And the Ann Demeulemeester items....

I love the dress. The shape color make ad easy to wear piece.
The top on the right is nice. But the jacket is what I really love, I can see it in many high fashion outfits.

Fave items?? Your thoughts??



  1. I like them all and it was so hard finding the real designers,but it was fun :)

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  3. LOL
    Well I saw some of it on As seen on stardoll.
    I'm a fashion junky so I already recognized some.
    But i made my own screen prints.

    Cool I will check out your blog :]
    thx for commenting.


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