Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Antidote Collection Out

The new collection of antidote has been released, and the theme is a sort of Japanese / Kawaii style. I like antidote because it's cheaper than LE, and there's also furniture which is often nice to buy too.

There are several items I like in the new collection. The 'Pom Pom Headband', 15sd, in the second picture is adorable, but still quite simple, so it could be used in lots of outfits. I also like the 'Pastel Floral Skinny Jeans', 75sd, in the second picture, but they're quite expensive, so I might not buy them, especially as a good designer could possibly make them in the Stardesign.

The 'Tiby Frock', 95sd, in the third picture is a really nice colour, and the shape is very pretty. Finally, the 'White Box Wardrobe', 15sd, in the third picture is really good value for if you want to make your suite look professional, and hang up your clothes nicely.

Do you like the new Antidote collection? Have you bought anything?

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