Saturday, 24 April 2010

DKNY on sale

DKNY is on sale in the Starplaza at the moment. All the items of clothing are half-price or much less, so it's worth buying a few items. I always like to wait to buy things on sale when they are from a real brand, because it's so much cheaper.

The best bargains are the 'Slim Charcoal Jumpsuit' is down from 26sd to 7sd, which is 73% off, and the 'Striped Button-Up Cardigan' was 22sd, and is now 5sd, which is 77% off. There are also lots of other cheap items, including the two headbands, which are 2sd each and many of the scarves, bags and shoes are 4sd or less.

I also hope that this means there will be a new collection of DKNY coming to the Starplaza, because there are some really nice pieces in the real-life collections. It's also probably time for a change as this collection has been in the Starplaza since November.

Did you buy any cheap DKNY? Would you like to see some more DKNY coming to the starplaza?

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