Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Kohl's in shops

The new Kohl's collection has been released into the shops, so like I said before, I'll do a proper review of each of the shops.

Abbey Dawn is generally my least favourite out of the three shops, because of the darkness of the clothes, but there are some adorable items in this collection. My favourite item is the 'stripped shorts with suspenders', especially because of the cute pink bow on them. But to me they would seem better suited to Candies, but that's just my opinion. I also like the 'Vest with Bow Brooch' and 'Rib Tank Tool Skirt Dress'. This collection has some nice pieces, but I only like some of them.

I like the way there are lots of the same pattern in different colours in Mudd, but it's a shame you can't buy the cute ankle-boots anymore. My favourite thing is probably the 'Suspender Capris', this collection isn't really very good this time. I liked the last collection a lot more. I'm not really sure of the 'Jersey Cross Body Handbag', it seems a bit too big, and makes it the main focal point of the outfit, so I don't really like it because of that, but the patterns are quite cool, especially the black and white stripy one.

I have to say that I love the material of the 'Floral Dress', it's very pretty but I think it's sort of Autumnal. I also like the material of the 'Asymmetrical Chiffon Top', but I'm not really a fan of the shape of it. The 'Sequin Canvas Tote' is also a nice piece to have. I don't really like Candies a lot, because it seems to have a lot of shirt-type tops, and it seems a bit too mature, in my opinion, but I do like the three items I mentioned before.

One more thing I noticed was that it seems quite a few items are for superstars. One of the reasons I liked the Kohls clothing was that it was cheap and available to everyone, it seems that Stardoll have taken this away, and just like everything else on Stardoll, it is mostly for superstars only.

What do you think of the new collection? Which is your favourite shop?

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