Tuesday, 23 February 2010

March Hotbuys

The new Hotbuys for March have been released, and they still have the 50's theme running through them, but they're a bit more punky in my opinion.

Firstly, I really love the turquoise bird necklace, it looks gorgeous and I love the colour. The Kimono dress thing also has lovely colours in it, and the pattern looks really cute. I don't really like the spiky headband thing, I think it'd make my medoll look a bit punky, and that's not really how I usually make my medolls. There's also a top from Abbey Dawn in Kohls which has already been released. The furry jacket thing isn't really my style but I think it could look really gorgeous and expensive in the right outfit.

The ruffled spotted top has the 50s era about it too, it looks adorable. I like the pink sequinned dress, it looks really sparkly in a good way and the colour is lovely. The boots again are a bit punky, but weirdly, I do like the buckles on them. The leggings are nice, but I don't really use patterned leggings in outfits, only plain ones. The chains are again quite punk and I don't really like them. Finally there's a dark pink blouse, which I love the colour of, but I don't like the style.

Do you like these Hotbuys? Will you be buying any?

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