Sunday, 15 November 2009

Amy Diamond Chat

Have you read the Amy Diamond Live chat? Unfortunately I was out, so couldn't send in any questions for her. However, Amy answered lots of questions form the people who were there, she even answered some of strange questions, such as:
"Would you rather be as small as an ant or as tall as a giant? Why?"

Interesting question, but it's nice to know Amy's answer:
"I would probably rather be as small as an ant :)
Because it would be too difficult to walk around if I was as tall as a giant. I'd probably just knock down buildings and step on people if I was that big :D"

Soon there is a Kimora Lee Simmons live chat coing soon to Stardoll.

What did you think of the chat? Should stardoll get some more high-profile celebrities to do the chat?

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