Thursday, 12 November 2009

Suite shop sale

The monthly stardoll suite shop sale has started, with some great bargains to be had! Even thought it's only for superstars, there's still some amazing deals.

I like the Chinese cabinet, and at only 3sd, it's great. The glitzy screen and the Rokoko Mirror at 3 and 4sd respectively are fabulous for adding class to your suite.

Take a look if you're superstar and fill up your suite with bargains


  1. The Non SSs have dealt with not buying some clofthes, sales, furniture, etc, andnot getting the SS perks and now they add more, especially a f---ing ELITE club?!
    Hypocritic idiots.
    I hope it gets shut down.

  2. Anonymous: I know, it's really annoying. Who are you?