Monday, 9 November 2009

New Kohl's clothes

The new season of Kohl's clothes has come out. I love the Kohl's clothing, it's cheap, cute and available to non-superstars. I especially love this season of clothes, from the decorations in the shops it seems to be the Winter clothes, with jumpers, coats and long sleeves prominent in all the collections. Also, many of the clothes have a plaid pattern to them.

Abbey Dawn: The clothes are cute, but slightly too dark for my liking. My favourites are the black and pink "Music Tee," 7sd and the White "Skull Crossbones Tee", 9sd. I also like the necklace and the leopard print dress. I also love the decorations in this shop and hope they'll be sold in the suite shop.

Candies: It seems to have matured this season, with a suit-stylem plaid outfit and a houndstooth coat. I like the two pairs of skinnies, 7 and 8sd best. This is my least favourite out of the three shops, and although there are some nice pieces, I don't really like it.

Mudd: This is my favourite shop out of the three, the colours are more natural and muted. I like the hat and the "Shirred Plaid Tunic". There are two different styles in the shape of the tunic, as there was last season aswell.

If you look in the search function, you can still find some of last season's Kohl's clothes so buy them before they go!


  1. :( i wish it was still here I WANT THE ROMPERRR

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