Monday, 23 November 2009

New Childline competition

If you look in the stardesign, you will see that there is a new shop, called "Moodi Wear - Stardesign".

I think this new shop is part of a campaign from Childline to make it wasier for kids to show how they're feeling. In the stardesign, there are four different styles of clothes, a longer sweater, a one sleeved dress, a strapless babydoll dress and a gathered asymetrical dress.

This is part of a 7 week-long competition, with each week being a different emotion, and what is meant to happen is that each week, people will design clothes for the different emotion, and if you win, people will be able to buy it in the starplaza

The styles are cute, and the reason behind this is great. Also, the prize is amazing. So what are you waiting for? Get over to the stardesign now!

What do you think of this competition? Will you be designing some clothes?

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