Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Miss Sixty

If you look in the Starplaza, you will see the new Miss Sixty Fall Collection. This collection has a lot of graphic prints on the clothes. As before, the collection is only for superstars, and is quite expensive, the cheapest pieces are 10sd and the most expensive is 24sd.

My favourite pieces are the 'Graphic Halter Dress', 22 sd and the 'Bell Sleeved Draped Jkt', 20sd. I also like the 'Layered Print Dress', 22sd. Stardoll has created lots of dresses recently in this style. The three hats, all 14sd, are great touches to an outfit.

If you look at the real life picture I've posted, you can see that the graphics are quite good, and look very similar to the real life versions. Stardoll have especially made the graphic pattern on the halterneck dress very well.

Do you like the New Miss Sixty? What are your favourite pieces? What do you think of the pricing?

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