Monday, 28 December 2009

Decade of the Teens

A new theme on Stardoll called 'Decade of the Teens' and there is a campaign page where you can get a free top and also there is a new shop in the Starplaza.

To get to the campaign page click HERE then to get the free top simply write whatever you want in one of the two boxes and press send. You can write about either 'Today I'm grateful for...' or 'In the future I will...'. These are New-Years resolutions type questions to celebrate the new decade.

The new shop in the Starplaza has a selection of dresses, shoes and bags which have been designed by users from the design competition. The dresses are all for superstars and are priced from 8sd to 10sd however, the shoes and bags are for non-ss and are all less than 5sd.

What do you think about all the new things? Do you like the new clothes?

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