Monday, 21 December 2009

Even more new moodiwear designs

Once again, as it's week 5 of the Childline comp there are new designs in the stardesign. The mood this week is 'excited'. If you don't understand, go to THIS link.

There is a gorgeous draped top which looks really expensive and beautiful when you make it, so I love that. I also like the shoes, although they're just a plain court shoe, it's useful to be able to make shoes in the stardesign, as I don't remember being able to before now. I don't really like the little shrug jacket, to me it doesn't seem a nice shape. I'm not really sure about the dress; when you make it, it makes the material go shiny, which could look great, but I'm not sure.

How are you going to make an 'excited' design? Do you like these designs?

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