Saturday, 19 December 2009

Non-ss face/outfit ideas!!

This is a very stylish party ready outfit for non-ss. I know its hard when you only have $5 a day and you cant save it. But the good thing is all the items in this outfit are $5 or under so you can buy the outfit in 6 days. :)

(Click to enlarge, and to see all the item names and prices. )

The leopard shift is one of my fave items for anyone at the moment. You can wear it as a dress, but its also great for layering. Pared with the pretty in pink skirt and the voile bow-tie pumps it makes an amazing outfit!! I used some gold jewelry to finish it off, If you've been SS before then you can add your own makeup.

If your a non-superstar but still manage to have great style, contact me in my gb.
Who knows you could be featured. :)


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