Wednesday, 30 December 2009

More Moodiwear Designs

It's week 6 of the moodiwear competition, so it's almost over, as this competition lasts 7 weeks. This means 4 more cheap designs for non-superstars to create. Luckily there's a simple emotion this week, it's just happy, not like the previous emotions such as confused (week 3) and angry (week 4).

I think stardoll are running out of designs, as the clothes are getting less and less well-designed as the weeks are progressing. This week there is a short crop-top, which I guess could be used as an undertop, but the straps are a bit annoying as they don't change pattern and stay a silvery-grey colour. Also, there's a cute pair of short heeled boots to design, but to me they seem to be a weird shape. There's a little bag with a chain handle to make too, but I have to say that I don't really like this designa as much as the bag in a previous week, as this one is slightly too small and I'm not a fan of the shape. Finally there's a dress, which is sort of tucked in at the top and draped around the rest, It's quite cute but I do prefer other dress designs in other weeks.

What do you think of these designs? Are you sad that the moodiwear competition is almost finished?

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  1. lol i didnt get to design any i wasnt here. well i was on stardoll but.. nvm. ad e im sasha_sushi ;)