Thursday, 17 December 2009

LE Glitch!!!

As we all know the new LE came out yesterday, and it was fab!!
But with the new LE came the same glitch antidote had.
Apparently even after LE items are sold in the shop you can still pick them up on the new list, but not the search. AND for some reason there is not a stock bar when you click on them from there.
(Click to enlarge.)
Now I Don't think you can still buy them, I cant not test this b/c I non-ss at the moment.
But when they were in stock if you bought an item off the new list, I wonder if you would still have your item number like 250/500 when you get them in your suite. Or if it would look like the pic with no stock bar.

If you bought an item of the new list, or have an more info on this glitch tell me in the comments or my gb.


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