Monday, 28 December 2009

January Hotbuys

The new January Hotbuys have been released in the magazine and I personally love them. The model in the picture reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and the 50s film stars, and I always wish that Stardoll would make the models features into ones we can use on our medolls. Also, a lot of the clothes seem vintage-inspired this month.

I love the black top with the pink heart on, it seems really simple and there could be lots of cute, everyday outfits made with it. I also like the pink cardigan, it has a touch of the 50's, with the skinny belt and corsage on it. The dark dress is another one which I love, the pattern around the bottom is so pretty and I think this also has a vintage look about it. The little octopus bracelet will probably be too small to see the details in when it's made, but I like it close-up. The black tights are a bit weird, I don't really get why the pattern isn't all the way up the leg, rather than just on the calves.

I'm not really sure about the turquoise coat, the colours quite nice, and the style's ok, but the pattern looks furry and cheap, so I probably will have to see it to decide. The silver wrapped present bag is adorable, I love it, and the colouring is so simple, it will go with lots of outfits. The shoes look like very similar to the Chanel-inspired ones in Decades. The chapagne-coloured dress has a touch of glamour about it, and I like the way it's been folded. Finally, the little shrug thing is ok, but I'm not really a fan of those colours.

What do you think of these Hotbuys? Which are your favourites?

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